In by Jakob

Facebook has been serving up some really good ads lately, and when it told me that Cameron Esposito was going to be in Sacramento at the Comedy Spot. . .

I kinda jumped on it. I found out that she existed By Way of the short TV show she has with Rhea Butcher called “Take My Wife,” which is extremely delightful. So I knew the most important fact going into it: There would be other queers there, and I would feel safe.

The host was Melissa McGillicuddy, who was… honestly amazing, and Chazz Hawkins also did a set, and he was wonderful. I had gone into it all sort of worried- I had never been a Huge Stand-Up person, and crowds- even relatively small ones- make me nervous, so, like, I was worried about, you know, not having a good time, but these two super put me at ease.

And then, you know, Cameron came out. And she did this really amazing, heartfelt set and it was moving, and funny, and I am very, very glad I went, and even more glad that I swallowed my damn anxiety and went up and said hello to her after the show 🙂