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About a year ago, I hurt my back in one of those classic “really stupid” ways. (we were at Knott’s Berry Farm on our favorite ride, “La Revolucion” and I felt a pop and, I don’t know. maybe pulled a muscle that connects my rib to my spine, or something like that. It Sucked.)

I had two binders and one of them was old and too big, so I switched to mostly using that one for the next several months. Around the beginning of this summer, though, it became really apparent that it would not be getting any better, though using the looser binder definitely helped.

So… in between semesters I stopped. The back pain stopped, like, immediately, but that also means that I have to wear about 50 shirts to pass (even with a beard!) and the one time i could not find enough shirts to wear and used a binder instead, i hurt my back again so bad that now it’s… strictly only for Fancy Dress Occasions. So now I live in a weird genderqueer limbo, which would be fine except that society is difficult.

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